• A photo by JD Ellevsen of Nicholas Frankel's book Oscar Wilde: The Unrepentant Years

    Defiant but defeated

    I read Oscar Wilde: The Unrepentant Years in great anticipation. The author, Nicholas Frankel, is the editor of The Picture of Dorian Gray: An Annotated, Uncensored Edition (also published by

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  • Irene Adler by Paget

    Portrait of a scandal

    What links Sherlock Holmes, an Oscar Wilde play and the House of Windsor? The scandal behind Sir Edward John Poynter’s painting, ‘Helen’.

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  • Oscar Wilde, Gustave Flaubert, Pierre Louÿs and Edmond de Goncourt

    The French connection

    Oscar Wilde took inspiration from France’s reverence for the arts, but made a tactical error in assuming that the English establishment would accord artists the same respect.

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  • A Private View at the Royal Academy by William Powell Frith

    The Apostle of the beautiful and the Season

    The opening of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London on the first Monday in May marked the beginning of ‘the Season’ for the elite of Victorian

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  • Cover of 1907 edition of Salome by Oscar Wilde

    The curse of Salome

    Femme fatale Salomé may have claimed John the Baptist’s life, but she returned from the dead to ruin Aubrey Beardsley’s career and create another scandal in 1918, too. Photographs: My

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  • Bas relief sculpture featuring image of Oscar Wilde

    A walk on the Wilde side

    Put a well-stocked silver cigarette case in your pocket, but be sure to carry engraved spares. Bring plenty of cash, but keep it close to your heart; we’ll be dining

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  • Green-tinted photograph of Oscar Wilde in a rakishly angled hat

    Oscar Wilde and the green carnation

    “To be natural is to be obvious, and to be obvious is to be inartistic.” Gilbert in The Critic As Artist, by Oscar Wilde “All art is at once surface

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  • Oscar Wilde's tomb

    At Oscar Wilde’s tomb

    There are two people entombed within Oscar Wilde’s monument at Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. You might have expected Wilde’s companion in eternity to be his Judas-like lover, Lord Alfred

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  • Sepia photo of Oscar Wilde holding a book that has been digitally coloured yellow

    Which poisonous yellow book?

    The secret of Raoul, Dorian and Oscar “’Zola,’ said Mr Gorby thoughtfully, taking down a flimsy yellow book rather tattered. ‘I’ve heard of him; if his novels are as bad

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