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Tite Street Titans

Cover of Devon Cox's book The Street of Wonderful Possibilities: Whistler, Wilde and Sargent in Tite Street

When Oscar Wilde moved into 16 Tite Street, Chelsea with his wife Constance in January 1885, he was already familiar with Tite Street as the neighbourhood of his bachelor days. At number 16 (now 34) Tite Street, Oscar and Constance would raise two sons, model Aesthetic interior design and clothing and play host to artists, critics and writers. How could Wilde

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A walk on the Wilde side

Bas relief sculpture featuring image of Oscar Wilde

Put a well-stocked silver cigarette case in your pocket, but be sure to carry engraved spares. Bring plenty of cash, but keep it close to your heart; we’ll be dining with epicures and bluebloods but sleeping with blackmailers and thieves. Don a green carnation and grab a glass of absinthe. Light up a gold-tipped cigarette. We’re going to trawl the

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At Oscar Wilde’s tomb

Oscar Wilde's tomb

There are two people entombed within Oscar Wilde’s monument at Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. You might have expected Wilde’s companion in eternity to be his Judas-like lover, Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, or possibly Wilde’s forgiving wife, Constance, or one of their sons, Cyril or Vyvyan, but it is Wilde’s loyal friend and one-time lover, Robbie Ross. When Jacob Epstein

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Zuleika Dobson

or, An Oxford Love Story “Oxford, that lotus-land, saps the will-power, the power of action.  But, in doing so, it clarifies the mind, makes larger the vision, gives, above all, that playful and caressing suavity of manner which comes of a conviction that nothing matters, except ideas, and that not even ideas are worth dying for, inasmuch as the ghosts

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