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A Victorian man

Portrait of Queen Victoria in her coronation robes, after Franz Xaver Winterhalter

According to Vincent O’Sullivan, Oscar Wilde said “The three women I have most admired are Queen Victoria, Sarah Bernhardt, and Lillie Langtry. I would have married any one of them with pleasure.” Queen Victoria seems an unlikely object of admiration for Wilde, until you consider his mother, Lady Wilde. Like the Queen, Lady Wilde was strong-willed, passionate, multilingual, rebellious, and

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Tasting books twice

“… [W]hatever amusement we may find in reading a purely modern novel, we have rarely any artistic pleasure in re-reading it. And this is perhaps the best rough test of what is literature and what is not. If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use reading it at all.” Oscar Wilde, The Decay

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Oscar Wilde exhibitions 2016

Reading Gaol in 1840

I envy those of you in the Northern Hemisphere; this year you can attend one Oscar Wilde exhibition in Paris and another in Berkshire, England. If you go to either, please share your thoughts and photos with me. I would like to follow Wilde through London and Paris, but 116 years and 16,983 km stand between us (impediments for which

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